Sharp’s Outfitters would like to let you know that cleanliness is more important than ever right now. 

We’re taking guidance from the CDC, which recommends regular cleaning as one of the most important preventive measures we can take. 

We are cleaning our facilities continuously throughout each day, focusing especially on high-touch and high-traffic surfaces including but not limited to: doors and door handles, bathroom surfaces, dispensers, sinks, handrails, light switches, vehicles and equipment.

Public safety and the safety of our staff are our top priorities. 

We will be using precautions recommended by the CDC, including social distancing of 6 feet between individuals and groups even in outdoors spaces. 

This excludes family and friends  in a cohabitating camp setting. 

The campsites will have a 10 person per campsite limit.

Groups over the 10 person per campsite requirement will need to request an additional campsite.

Any person who is sick, has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, or has been exposed to sick individuals, should remain at home. 

Please also use thoughtful consideration regarding your public attendance and group interactions.


1. Please stay up to date with all local, state and federal advisories.

2. Follow CDC and health professional guidelines of maintaining good hygiene, including frequent washing of your hands, and avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes.

For campers health and safety please bring hand-sizer, toilet paper, masks, gloves and any additional health needs.

3. Talk to your doctor before if you’re feeling ill. If you’re sick or more susceptible to complications, please stay home, rest and recover.

4. If you are well, fresh air and exercise regimes are a great way to support your health year-round.

These requirements may change as the CDC updated there guidelines.

We will provide updates as they become available.

Should you have any additional questions please contact Sharp’s Outfitters via email or phone.

We look forward to having a safe and fun summer.

See you soon!